Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 1

When I first decided to have this procedure I was expecting it to be a lot more painful!  I feel no pain!  Yesterday I had a doctors appointment just to check my healing.  They showed me how to wash my face.  It's a complicated procedure just to wash my face and I don't feel like it cleans anything.  After washing my face they put these lights on my face to help promote healing and sent me home with a smaller version to do at home. Since having to apply greasy ointment to my face every 30 min. I have started to breakout in small little white heads.  But, every time I wash my face a little bit of blood sluffs off and it looks better.
After Day 1

After Day 1 right side

After Day 1 left side


  1. I'm glad you said you don't feel any pain, because that looks painful! Can't wait to see the finished results!!