Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I could have burnt down the house!

Being the nice person that I am I lent my sister-in-law my breast pump.  I wasn't sure I was gonna have any more kids so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Well, we had Eva so I finally got it back from her.  It was so nasty when I got it back.  Apparently she didn't wash it after the last time she used it and it smelled of rotten milk.  Being afraid of getting an infection I decided to boil the crap out of it!  It would have worked too but because I was boiling it for so long I forgot about it and left my house for 2 hours.  When we returned home the house was filled with stinky smoke.  I had melted it!  It took a couple of hours to clear of smoke.  I was lucky it didn't catch on fire and burn the house down. So, for a few days my house has smelled of burnt plastic.  Now I am pretty sure I killed any germs that were on it.

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