Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Been Abused

Mia is in her terrible twos.  The other day at Walmart she decided to throw a temper tantrum.  She usually decides to have tantrums in the most public places (usually Walmart).  She wanted to push the cart so being as patient as I could I let her push it.  All of a sudden she got mad and threw herself on the ground and started crying.  Usually when this happens I just wait for her to calm down. She wasn't calming down so I picked her up to go check out and that's when she scratched the hell out of my arm.  I was ready to go crazy on her.  I have seen kids have tantrums but this one was the worst.  People were staring at me probably thinking I was a really bad mom.  If only they knew what I really wanted to do!  By the time we left the store she finally calmed down.

1 comment:

  1. You dont' like tantrums?? No, I hate when they stare, seriously have they not seen it before, or know what it feels like? I just pull them asided and tell them I mean business, sometimes it works sometimes we are heard throughout walmart until we leave. Its just a phase, good luck hope she's out of it soon.