Monday, August 29, 2011

My "CRAZY" Story

After high school comes college.  Well, that was the plan anyway.  My dad used to work for UVSC so I got free tuition.  Everything was set.  I had an apartment where some friends lived, a car, books for school, and a full schedule.  I made plans to visit my family every weekend.  My first week of college was "fine".  Friday I left early to go home for the weekend.  I don't remember what I did that weekend but I remember leaving Sunday night at the latest.  I made it to Salt Lake City and I-15 was closed at 600 N.  I ended up getting lost.  I was upset and drove back home.  My dad was going to drive ahead of me and show me how to get around the construction but I was too worked up and never wanted to go back.  I remember crying uncontrollably that I didn't ever want to go back.  Thankfully I have patient parents and they let me stay.  The next day we went to Weber and I registered for the semester.  Everything in Orem got fixed and I started school at Weber.  Everything was "fine" until one day I was on my way to school to take a test when I was involved in a bad car accident.  My car was totaled and I missed my test.  After the car accident I slept a lot and slowly stopped going to school.  My mom noticed and so when I went into the doctors for something she brought up to the doctor that I was depressed.  As soon as she said that I started balling.  I took a little test and he put me on Zoloft.  I was officially on "crazy meds".  After a while I started feeling better.  It was time I get my life back.  I went to a tech school and got my x-ray license and started to work.  As long as I was taking my meds I was good.  Sometime after I had my first baby I decided to try and go off my meds.  I was on a really harsh med that made me gain a ton of weight (like 30-35 pounds).  I noticed that I wasn't so depressed but I started getting major anxiety and I started getting sick to my stomach.  I went to a specialist for my stomach and after a few tests I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  IBS is when your intestines spasm.  Apparently serotonin helps control this and so back on the meds I went.  My anxiety got better and so did my nausea.  I now know that I will have to be on some kind of meds for this and I'm okay with that.

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  1. I would say your normal, and everyone else is CRAZY! Seriously after all that I would have never wanted anything to do with school for the fear of something always happening. Your a great person regardless.